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Welcome Atlas Digital to

the Next Generation of Media Storage!

creative.space was designed with a simple mission: minimize the time it takes to turn vision into reality.

Our team of industry veteran engineers and software developers have spent the last decade helping the biggest companies in the media and entertainment industry build and implement solutions that simplify complex video workflows allowing our customers to get more done in less time.

Now more than ever the video community needs simple tools that allow them to spend more time being creative and less time tackling technology hurdles. This is exactly what we plan to provide with the creative.space platform, starting with industry-leading high-performance collaborative media storage. Our early adopter program is designed to provide companies like yours with affordable and powerful storage and build a direct dialogue to help us build the next generation of media workflow tools.

Stay Creative

After over 15 years providing solution to the Media and Entertainment industry, we realized that the solutions available didn’t meet the rapidly changing needs of modern creatives, who prioritize their creative process over navigating through technical features. In an industry that relies on creativity to generate value, nothing is more valuable than enabling artists to achieve flow states. This is why we focus on applying Media Intelligence to provide artists with the performance they need without hassle and enable them to achieve creative flow.


Until now, enterprise-grade solutions have been outside the reach of most content creators who have to budget project to project and rarely have room in their budgets to look ahead to prepare for emerging technology that can enhance the quality of their work and drive more business.

We believe that when creatives are given the tools they need to succeed, they are able to generate more value in less time. That is why we came up with a way to make cutting-edge solutions accessible to everyone.

We call it OPMS – On-Premise Managed Storage, combining unparalleled performance and support into one all-inclusive service that you pay for monthly.

The Next Generation of Media Storage

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

We have arrived at a convergence of both hardware and software technology that has only now made it possible for creative.space to provide a solution that truly defines a new standard for collaborative media storage. We have optimized the same technology used by Silicon Valley to handle big data to specifically handle high-bandwidth media workflows. Not only does this provide unbeatable performance but it also means that your assets are ready for the incoming wave of AI-powered analytics that can help you unlock additional value from your existing content.

We build creative.space with the latest technology for unparalleled performance.

Blazing Fast Storage Backplane

10/25/40/100 Gbe

Built for High-Bandwidth Networking


Corruption Proof with Checksum Rebuild


High-Performance 10 & 12 TB Drives


Media Intelligent Dynamic Caching

Multi-Core CPUs

Built for High-Bandwidth Networking


Bank-level Encryption Keeps Data Secure

Enterprise SSD

Delivering Speed and High Stream Counts

On-Premise Managed Storage (O.P.M.S.)


Don’t commit your cash to a large capital expenditure (CapEx). Understand what the upfront and ongoing costs are for storage. Service contracts and maintenance can exceed the initial purchase price. Protect yourself from technology obsolescence. The creative.space storage solution is provided under a low cost all-inclusive monthly operational expense (OpEx) plan with an easy path for growth.

Our plans also save you time by eliminating the need to go through a sales process every 3-5 years. When your system needs to be replaced, they are, no questions asked, as long as you have a valid creative.space plan. We don’t provide hardware resources, we provide solutions that allow to do the work you need to without hassle.


By locating the storage within your facility, we provide the convenience of the cloud without the bandwidth, configuration, and connectivity issues. Our support staff functions like in-house IT but for media. We remotely monitor your system without seeing your private data and are at the ready to help should the need arise.

Don’t know if your system is ready for that next big project? Give us a call. Our OPMS service model means that we are invested in your success. We want you to have exactly the right solution at the right price to handle the work you are doing today. We make sure you understand the costs of expanding your capabilities so that, so that you can confidently take any project that comes your way. We’ve put the extra investment in future-proofing all our systems so you can take advantage of new technology as it becomes available.

All-inclusive Service
Proactive Monitoring
Reliable Performance
Monthly Payments

Take Advantage of Early Adopter Benefits!

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

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Our first offering introduces our OPMS (On Premise Managed Storage) service. Receive all the benefits of cloud based storage while avoiding the bandwidth, configuration, and connectivity issues. The Early Adopter program allows a select group of clients to take advantage of industry-leading storage hardware and software with hands-on expert support and maintenance. Companies participating in this program will receive special pricing, personalized installation and support, and the ability to influence the design of an exciting new product. DigitalGlue plans to launch its full creative.space service offering in Q1 2019. This offering will include a suite of software tools to further simplify multiple aspects of the post production process.

Our storage solution is field tested and working in environments with hundreds of video editors and animators. We now provide a full featured web-based interface to monitor and configure the storage. Current development is focused on secure cloud-based control to enhance features and integration with the 3rd party products you use.

Software in Use

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