Media Storage Optimized for

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

When it comes to editing, there is one thing that users need from their storage: real-time performance. That is why is the ideal storage solution for media-centric workflows. Each system is custom-built and scalable to handle even the most demanding high-resolution media, such as 4K OpenEXR and 8K ProRes 4444XQ.

Our 128-bit file system, 12 Gb/s SAS backplane, Helium-filled HDDs, Enterprise SSDs, and DDR4 RAM, and 10/25/40/100 GbE allow us to optimize our systems so efficiently that we can achieve equivalent performance with less spindles at a much lower cost compared to traditional enterprise media SAN and NAS solutions.

Helium-Filled HDD
Hybrid HDD/SSD
4-Bay Mobile
We build with the latest technology for unparalleled performance.

Blazing Fast Storage Backplane

10/25/40/100 Gbe

Built for High-Bandwidth Networking


Corruption Proof with Checksum Rebuild


Unparalleled Balance of Performance and Capacity


Media Intelligent Dynamic Caching

Multi-Core CPUs

Built for High-Bandwidth Networking


Bank-level Encryption Keeps Data Secure

Enterprise SSD

Delivering Speed and High Stream Counts

By locating the storage within your facility, we provide the convenience of the cloud without the bandwidth, configuration, and connectivity issues. Our support staff functions like in-house IT but for media. We remotely monitor your system and are at the ready to help should the need arise.

Don’t commit your cash to a large capital expenditure (CapEx). Understand what the upfront and ongoing costs are for storage. Service contracts and maintenance can exceed the initial purchase price. Protect yourself from technology obsolescence. The storage solution is provided under a low cost all-inclusive monthly operational expense (OpEx) plan with an easy path for growth.

Our plans also save you time by eliminating the need to go through a sales process every 3-5 years. When your system needs to be replaced, they are, no questions asked, as long as you have a valid plan. We don’t provide hardware resources, we provide solutions that allow to do the work you need to without hassle.

All-inclusive Service
Reliable Performance
Proactive Monitoring
Monthly Payments
A system isn’t a sale, it is an ongoing partnership. That is why we design our systems to handle your needs today with a plan for tomorrow. Snowflake workflows are the norm, not the exception. A partnership means that a workflow expert is always just a call away.


Our workflow experts analyze your workflow to propose solutions that save you time and money.


Storage is the heart of any workflow. We design around your media and how you use it.


With our white-glove service, we work hands-on with your team to tune the system for your unique environment.


We proactively monitor your system so in the event something happens, we are already there to help.

High-Speed Data Management

On-set or in the facility, time is one of the scarcest commodities. With a storage solution, media can be transferred at accelerated speeds when and where it counts. With copy on write, a checksum is run to ensure every bit is intact and verified. This checksum is used to automatically fix corruption when it occurs. By allowing access media from RAM as it is ingested, you don’t have to wait until media has been written to disk to access your media. When the transfer is complete, you are seamlessly relinked in the background.

Truly Online

Premiere Pro has some of the most robust codec support in the industry. Don’t let your storage become your bottleneck. With, you can finally work truly online with your source media. 4K/6K/8K RAW? No problem. Our Media Intelligence makes sure that your media is accessible the moment it is needed. No lag. No latency.

Work Collaboratively

With Shared Projects and Team Projects, Premiere Pro allows multiple editors to collaborate in new and creative ways. By using collaborative storage, users can access the same media and avoid migrating data between systems and software. Take advantage of dynamic linking to seamlessly work between editorial, VFX, and audio.

Work Your Way

By supporting higher stream counts and faster project loading, allows you to work the way that you want to. Premiere accelerates performance by generating preview and cache files. These files have to load every time a project is opened, which can become a bottleneck as projects grow in size. We optimize to handle small files in parallel so your project loads in a fraction of the time.


Additional Optimizations

When it comes to media workflows, off-the-shelf storage solutions simply can’t cut it. Post-production tools are as unique as the artists who use them. To achieve creative flow, you need storage that is tuned to the tools you use. That’s why is built with Media Intelligence.