When it comes to DaVinci Resolve, there is one thing that users need from their storage: real-time performance. That is why creative.space is the ideal storage solution for DaVinci Resolve users. Each system is custom-built and scalable to handle even the most demanding high-resolution media, such as 4K OpenEXR and 8K ProRes 4444XQ.

Our 128-bit file system, 12 Gb/s SAS backplane, Helium-filled HDDs, Enterprise SSDs, and DDR4 RAM, and 10/25/40/100 GbE allow us to optimize our systems so efficiently that we can achieve equivalent performance with less spindles at a much lower cost compared to traditional enterprise media SAN and NAS solutions.

No need for additional servers, all of our creative.space systems come with a PostgreSQL database optimized for DaVinci Resolve databases. Since they live on our storage, you can take snapshots of your databases instantly or set up automated snapshots so you never lose work.

High-Speed Data Management

On-set or in the facility, time is one of the scarcest commodities. With a creative.space storage solution, media can be transferred at accelerated speeds when and where it counts. With copy on write, a checksum is run to ensure every bit is intact and verified. This checksum is used to automatically fix corruption when it occurs. By allowing access media from RAM as it is ingested, you don’t have to wait until media has been written to disk to access your media. When the transfer is complete, you are seamlessly relinked in the background.

4K and 8K Ready

Are your clients demanding 4K, 6K, or even 8K delivery? Save time and money with a creative.space solution. By building our systems with the latest technology, we can handle high-bandwidth file formats, so you can save the time and headache of generating lower resolution proxies to work with. We optimize our systems to handle even the most demanding formats like 4K OpenEXR and REDCODE RAW 8K.

Work Collaboratively

DaVinci Resolve has evolved from the world’s most powerful color corrector to an equally powerful NLE (Non-Linear Editor) and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). For the first time, editorial, color, and audio can all be done in one powerful interface.

By using a collaborative storage solutions like creative.space that can handle all of your users on one platform over the network, you can avoid issues that arise when migrating data between systems and software. Editorial, Audio, VFX, Color, and Finishing can all work off of one system. In some cases, like when resources are in high-demand, customers can save money by utilizing local SSD caching.

Built-in Resolve Database Server

Every creative.space system is shipped with a built-in PostgreSQL database server that is optimized for Resolve Databases. No need to purchase an additional server. Storage appliances are designed to always be running, so you don’t need to worry about your database going offline. Take advantage of unique creative.space features database snapshots so you never lose your work. Use our simple Resolve Database Management GUI to manage database backup, import, export, and deletion as well as routine database maintenance that helps prevent corruption.

VFX Integration

DaVinci Resolve dramatically simplifies VFX workflows and integration. Shots can be defined as VFX shots on the timeline. Once they are, a folder is created on your creative.space storage in a shared location and a plate is exported. VFX artists then render new media back to the folder. Every time a new file is added, DaVinci Resolve updates the timeline accordingly. Snapshots ensure that ensure that previous versions aren’t lost unintentionally. Use Fusion Connect or the new Fusion page in Resolve work dynamically between Editorial, Color, and VFX.

Additional Optimizations

When it comes to media workflows, off-the-shelf storage solutions simply can’t cut it. Post-production tools are as unique as the artists who use them. To achieve creative flow, you need storage that is tuned to the tools you use. That’s why creative.space is built with Media Intelligence.