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Our engineers have fine tuned our storage for one thing above all else: uninterrupted real-time performance. Creatives deserve an affordable solution that allows them to experience uninterrupted creative flow. The OPMS (On-Premise Managed Storage) service is designed to provide the performance you need at an affordable monthly rate that can scale as you grow both your team and the caliber of your work. We believe that storage is an essential utility and you should be able to rely on it like one.

Our innovative media intelligent architecture lets you work faster by moving your project assets into a “fast lane” with optimized performance. No matter what formats you work with, we can build a solution that can handle it.



On-Premise Managed Storage (OPMS)


Don’t know if your system is ready for that next big project? Give us a call. Our On-Premise Managed Storage (OPMS) service model means that we are invested in your success. We want you to have exactly the right solution at the right price to handle the work you are doing today. We make sure you understand the costs of expanding your capabilities so that you can confidently take any project that comes your way. We’ve put the extra investment in future-proofing all our systems so you can take advantage of new technology as it becomes available.

All-inclusive Service
Reliable Performance
Proactive Monitoring
Monthly Payments
Built-in Monitoring and Analytics Identify Bottlenecks


Built-in analytics and media intelligence help your system stay ahead of potential bottlenecks that threaten to interrupt your creative flow. Think of it like your own personal media-centric IT specialist built into your system. No more waiting on hold for hours. If your system catches anything problematic, it notifies our industry-veteran support team, who will reach out to resolve the issue.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration allows you to analyze sentiment, search dialogue, identify clips containing specific products or people, and perform countless other tasks that previous required teams of people meticulously logging content. We utilize the same architecture that is being used by the leading IT companies to analyze massive datasets quickly and efficiently. We provide rich analytics and insights into your storage usage that can easily be used to generate additional value, like storage used by client.

Take Advantage of Early Adopter Pricing!


Better. Faster. Cheaper.

We have arrived at a convergence of both hardware and software technology that has only now made it possible for to provide a solution that truly defines a new standard for collaborative media storage. We have optimized the same technology used by Silicon Valley to handle big data to specifically handle high-bandwidth media workflows. Not only does this provide unbeatable performance but it also means that your assets are ready for the incoming wave of AI-powered analytics that can help you unlock additional value from your existing content.

12Gb/s SAS
Blazing Fast Storage Backplane
10/25/40/100 Gbe
Built for High-Bandwidth Networking
Corruption Proof with Checksum Rebuild
10/12TB Helium-Filled Drives
Unparalleled Performance and Capacity
Multi-Core CPUs
Built for High-Bandwidth Networking
Media Intelligent Dynamic Caching
Bank-level Encryption Keeps Data Secure
High-Speed for Collaboration

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

Experience True Collaboration

Coordinating files back and forth between drives and over the cloud is a nightmare and waste of time and money. When editorial, VFX, audio, and color correction are able to work off of the same assets, timelines switch from linear to parallel. Everyone shares the same file path, so sending projects back and forth doesn’t require relinking media. Editors can send shots to VFX and updates can be seen in real-time. Color correction and audio mixing can happen during editorial, enabling editors to make more informed decisions.

Using geo-replication, these benefits can be experienced between multiple facilities and even across the world.

DaVinci Resolve™ users can take collaboration to the next level by utilizing the free DaVinci Resolve™ database server that is included on all of our systems.

Built-in DaVinci Resolve™ Database Server included on every system.


Unlock new creative possibilities by working in parallel with VFX, sound, and color. When you collaborate on a system, you can dynamically link the tools you use so you can be confident you are always looking at the most recent version and avoid relinking.

Sound Editing and Mixing

Work dynamically with editorial off of the same system to save time and maximize creative potential. Build a shared sound library to produce more polished rough cuts. Reduce conform times by working with NLE-friendly audio tools like Adobe Audition™ or the Fairlight panel in DaVinci Resolve™. Use peer-to-peer file syncing to collaborate remotely without a 3rd party cloud provider.

Visual Effects and 3D Animation

Collaborate without borders. Our systems were first designed to provide reliable performance for hundreds of artists working in high-resolutions with short turnarounds. Our software-defined architecture allows drives to be dynamically moved between systems, so you can save money transferring large source files over the cloud. Peer-to-peer geo-replication keeps everyone in sync so that shots can be rendered where they are needed. Snapshots keep assets from slipping through the cracks and accidentally being deleted. Deduplication allows artists work the way they want to without using up extra capacity.

Color Correction and Finishing

Our mission is to save you from the dreaded conform process whenever possible. When everyone has access to a system that can provide online-level performance, everything just runs smoother. Working off the same system means using the same file paths, so you can avoid tedious relinking. If something doesn’t carry over, you have direct access to all the project assets to help find a solution. With a built-in DaVinci Resolve™ database on every system, editorial, sound, and VFX have an all-in-one solution for collaboration.

Ready to Collaborate?

Forget the Cloud, Experience Lightning

The problem with the cloud is that you are just paying a premium to store your data on someone else’s server. We think there is a better way. We call it lightning. Private and secure high-performance local storage that can connect out to trusted clients and collaborators in the same way you are used to with third party cloud providers like Dropbox, without any middleman. Share files in half the time by sharing directly from your storage without needing to wait for them to upload to the cloud.

It’s like Dropbox, without Dropbox.

Take Advantage of Early Adopter Benefits!

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

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Our first offering introduces our OPMS (On Premise Managed Storage) service. Receive all the benefits of cloud based storage while avoiding the bandwidth, configuration, and connectivity issues. The Early Adopter program allows a select group of clients to take advantage of industry-leading storage hardware and software with hands-on expert support and maintenance. Companies participating in this program will receive special pricing, personalized installation and support, and the ability to influence the design of an exciting new product. DigitalGlue plans to launch the full platform in Q1 2019. This offering will include a suite of software tools to further simplify multiple aspects of the post production process.

Our storage solution is field tested and working in environments with hundreds of video editors and animators. We now provide a full featured web-based interface to monitor and configure the storage. Current development is focused on secure cloud-based control to enhance features and integration with the 3rd party products you use.

Software in Use

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