Hybrid NVMe SSD and HDD

Hybrid-architecture purpose built for uncompressed high-resolution workflows.

The //DEUS EX is a purpose-built solution that balances high-performance solid state and spinning disk technology with a fully optimized internal architecture to provide seamless playback of demanding formats like 4K DCI OpenEXR.

200 TB HDD + 4.8 TB SSD starting at $1,995 per month

System Specifications:

  • 128-bit file system
  • multi-CPU, multi-core, 4U storage server
  • High performance NAS system
  • 36 x SATA/SAS drive bays (Expandable)
  • 2 x 10 Gb/s Ethernet NAS ports (Expandable)
  • Unlimited licenses of creative.space software
  • Redundant power supplies
  • 10 and 12 TB Helium-filled HDDs
  • 1.92 TB or 3.84 TB SAS 12Gb/s SSDs
  • Add up to twenty-four drives (HDD)
  • Add up to three //24-Expansion units for over 1PB per node
  • Increase Ethernet ports for a total of 26 GbE ports
  • Add multiple 10Gb, 25Gb, or 40Gb Ethernet ports
  • Full Specs

    Processors 2x Intel Gold Xeon
    Networking 2x 10Gbe onboard with up to 12 additional 1/10/25/40/100 Gbe ports
    Memory DDR4 ECC 128 GB to 1.5 TB
    Host Bus Adapter 24-lane PCIe SAS 12Gb/s 1GB Cache
    Storage Drives
    HDD: Enterprise 10TB or 12TB (Helium) 7200rpm SAS 12Gb/s 256MB Cache
    SSD: 1.92 TB or 3.84 TB SAS 12Gb/s SSDs
    System Boot and Cache 2x 256GB SSD
    Rack Units 4 RU
    Available Bays 24

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Our first offering introduces our OPMS (On Premise Managed Storage) service. Receive all the benefits of cloud based storage while avoiding the bandwidth, configuration, and connectivity issues. The Early Adopter program allows a select group of clients to take advantage of industry-leading storage hardware and software with hands-on expert support and maintenance. Companies participating in this program will receive special pricing, personalized installation and support, and the ability to influence the design of an exciting new product. DigitalGlue plans to launch its full creative.space service offering in Q1 2019. This offering will include a suite of software tools to further simplify multiple aspects of the post production process.

Our storage solution is field tested and working in environments with hundreds of video editors and animators. We now provide a full featured web-based interface to monitor and configure the storage. Current development is focused on secure cloud-based control to enhance features and integration with the 3rd party products you use.

Software in Use

DaVinci ResolveFusionPremiere Pro CCAfter Effects CCFinal Cut Pro XNukeFlameMaya3DS MaxToon BoomOther

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